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Transient Expression

September 5, 2009

Today I passed half a block worth of vibrant graffiti/mural art that I had never seen before, and thought to myself, “Wow, I should take a photo of that.” A few hours later I passed it again, and a group of men were in the process of covering it with drab brown paint. We live in a world of transient expression, from the clothes we wear to the text messages we send. The internet is the ultimate form of this, constantly growing and changing with each new injection of information. I’m fascinated by the temporary forms of expression that surround me, and this blog is dedicated to documenting them before they disappear. Art, science, fashion, travel, crafts–it’s all fair game. My goal is to regularly post the sort of things that I enjoy reading, in the hopes that there are others out there who have the same interests and who want to connect across this vast, strange world we share.

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