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Harputs Market

September 9, 2009
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Steven and I live a few blocks from Harputs Market, and once in awhile we wander in when we see something enticing through the window. I actually met Zana, whose blog I recently started reading, when she worked there. I’ve never bought anything, but we moseyed in this weekend because I was looking for a cool pair of sunglasses.

While we were browsing, the owner, Gus, starting trying to entice us with the store’s line, aptly called “Harputs OWN.” He had me try on the “3-hole dress,” and proceeded to show me and a woman who was purchasing it all of the different ways it can be worn. Initially, I think I was skeptical, but seeing it on myself definitely won me over. I also tried on “The Swacket,” which was also pretty amazing. Most amazing of all, however, was the men’s leather coat Steven tried on from the store’s own line. Wowzers, is that workmanship and attention to detail.

If you’re in San Francisco, I definitely recommend going to check them out for yourself at 1525 Fillmore St. I haven’t even gotten started on the totally unattainable footwear, and Steven bought a great pair of deadstock vintage sunglasses (though I was the one originally looking for sunglasses). I may have to start saving my pennies to buy a 3-hole dress someday….

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