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Leather jewelry, part I

September 13, 2009

I am a big proponent of re-using already existing materials for craft projects. Which is why when I saw this post I kept my eye out at thrift stores for a cheap leather skirt. Eventually I found one, for $1, and snapped it up to transform into this bag:

I didn’t take photos of the process, but it’s pretty simple. I cut off the waistband to use as the strap and attached it with some leather strips I cut off of the bottom and a couple of D-rings. And then I seamed up the bottom. It’s unlined, ’cause I wanted it to look raw.

But the real point is that this project, and some others, have left me with leather scraps that I’ve been longing to turn into something new. I came up with a couple of jewelry projects, with more to come.

Fringe necklace

Leather or vinyl scraps
Jump rings
Chain and closure

Rotary cutter and mat (optional)
X-acto knife
Eyelet setter

1. Cut your initial piece of leather. I started with a piece that was about 8 by 2 inches, so that’s what I used.

2. Slice up your leather into a fringe. I did this with a rotary cutter, and since I wanted to leave the top 1/2 inch uncut, I folded the top edge over my cutting mat and clamped it in place with a couple of clips. You could also just use scissors, of course.

3. Grab your X-acto knife, eyelets, and eyelet setter. Use the knife to make holes in the upper corners just big enough to shove the eyelet through. Make sure that they’re close enough to the edge that your jump ring will fit, but not too close that the leather will tear.

4. Bang in those eyelets.

5. Take two pieces of chain of whatever length you want (each of my pieces was about 5.5 inches) and, using the pliers, open the jump rings and use them to attach the chain to the eyelets. Add a closure of your choice.


I realized that I could wrap the necklace around my wrist a couple of times to make a cool cuff.

Taking a photo of your own right wrist is pretty difficult, fyi.

Looking for more tutorials and DIY projects? Check out my What I Made page!

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  1. September 22, 2009 12:46 pm

    Wow, I love the bag and the necklace is super creative!


  1. Novedoso collar de cuero - Las Manualidades

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