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Fall Trends I Plan to Rock

September 23, 2009
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Yesterday was the official start of Fall, and if you live in a place with real seasons, they should be changing about now. I, however, live in San Francisco, where the climate stays pretty much the same year-round. This makes seasonal dressing kind of frustrating, because no matter how much I want to wear the skimpy summer outfits that most people in the country are sporting, I know that come evening the fog will most likely start rolling in, bringing a cold wind along with it.

As a transitional season, Fall features a lot of layering, which suits the San Francisco climate quite well. I’ve therefore been looking forward to the new looks that I’ll probably be wearing for most of the year. Some trends I’ve noticed that I plan to incorporate, or already have:

Floral print
Statement necklaces
Textured tights
Over-the-knee boots
Faux fur

I have no plans to buy anything new–I actually already have versions of all of the above.

Trends on which I will pass:
Acid wash jeans/leggings
Huge shoulder pads
Metallic fabrics

Don’t hold me to these, however. I feel like whenever I decide that a new trend is absolutely not for me, I eventually end up finding an example that I like in spite of myself. For example, I decided that rompers were definitely a NO, but then I found an awesome bow-print version at Goodwill the other day, and I had to buy it. Does this happen to anyone else?

How about you? Which new fashion trends tickle your fancy, and which ones aren’t for you?

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