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Zipper spats

October 19, 2009
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So, did you get that memo about the zipper trend this season? Yeah, zippers are everywhere. Including on these $1495 Guiseppe Zannotti for Balmain booties. Which, you know, I could buy, but then I would have no money left for rent. Or food. And I really don’t need another pair of shoes in my closet right now, plus making things is more fun anyway.
The inspiration:
Image from
I wish I knew where this image is from. I think I might’ve saved it from another blog that got it from, but I can’t remember. Sorry for the poor blogging etiquette.

These are my black short boots. I think that the ankle is too high and loose to wear them with anything other than pants, but for ease of viewing I’m wearing them with tights right here.

Using four metal zippers (two per foot), vinyl, and some elastic, I made myself some zipper spats this weekend.

Side by side:

The top and middle zippers are still functional, but the bottom one is not. I’m considering possibly adding more zippers and/or modifying the design a little so I could adjust the ankle zipper to be wearable with things other than these boots. Right now it’s too loose to wear on my bare ankle. A tutorial is also a possibility, if anyone is interested. Shoot me a comment, otherwise I probably won’t bother.

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  1. kiriko permalink
    October 20, 2009 12:05 am

    now these are totally cool… tutorial please

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