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The costumes

November 1, 2009

First I showed you the decorations, now it’s time for the costumes. This requires a little bit of backstory. See, we have this cat. Her name is Delicious. Why? Because when I adopted her from some people whose cat had given birth to kittens, I already had a cat and was planning on finding her a home with a friend of mine. I took her to my boyfriend Steven’s apartment on my way home, though, just to show him this tiny adorable white kitten even though he said he didn’t really like cats. After petting and playing with her for awhile I was going to take her back to my place when he randomly says, “She can stay here…if you want.” Flabbergasted, I said okay, but later on when he wanted to ironically name her “Ugly” I drew the line. We compromised on Delicious, and when she still wasn’t quite full-grown we made her a hot-dog costume as a play on her name. I did the sewing and Steven made the pickle hat.
This year when Steven was at Target he randomly bought a giant hot-dog costume for himself, and I agreed to go as a hot-dog vendor. I added a twist, though, and made it a “sexy” hot-dog vendor costume, because what could possibly be less sexy? I already had everything in my wardrobe except for the hat, which I folded from freezer paper.
(The other cat in the photos is Adventurous, by the way. She wouldn’t stay out of the way. I think she wants her own costume.)

I’m looking forward to the Day of the Dead procession in the Mission tomorrow. They’ll be a whole other set of costumes from that. No more cat costumes, though.

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