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Dia de los Muertos

November 4, 2009

The Day of the Dead procession is one of my favorite things about San Francisco. Brought to the Mission district from Mexico and Latin America and then given a San Francisco twist, it is an event that is simultaneously joyous and solemn. People celebrate and mourn their loved ones at the same time. And they revel in the fact that death may have claimed more lives, but they’re still here, very much alive. Drumming and dancing merge with funereal dirges as the parade progresses to Garfield Park, which is filled with lovingly-crafted alters, notes, and messages. The saddest are always the ones written by children to a parent, or even to a pet. “I love you Freddy. You were a good cat,” complete with a drawing of Freddy, is enough to make me tear up.

Even if you can’t appreciate the poignancy of the event, it’s worth attending merely for the visual spectacle. With that in mind, here are a bunch of photos I took of this year’s Dia de los Muertos procession in San Francisco.

My get-up:

Pretty proud of my make-up. Steven got home later than I did, and while I was waiting for him to get ready I just kept adding more to my face.

Steven’s outfit and make-up:


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