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Tokyo wrap-up: Style, pets, and fun n’ games

November 11, 2009

I was going through some old photos and realized that I never posted a bunch from my trip to Japan in August. Here’s the final spread.

First, the totally immature. Umm, does this word mean something else in Japanese? Because someone should tell this shop in Shibuya109 that their name isn’t really appropriate. It’s not even a bra store!

The photos in this first bunch are from Tokyo Midtown, in Roppongi. I staked out a Starbucks table and surreptitiously photographed people walking by.

I really like this lady’s shoes, but look at the expression of that guy in the background. I think he might’ve been onto my game.

This sounds mean, but don’t you think that this cute girl could do better? Especially since with those heels, she’s a couple of inches taller than her guy. Maybe he’s got a great personality.

Cute denim dress/coat.

I love this guy’s preppy style, especially contrasted with the girl’s colorful kimono.

Dsc_0664 cropped
There were musical performances going on, including a Japanese samba group. Their costumes were amazing!

Leaving Roppongi for scattered locales around Tokyo. When I passed this shop window before it opened in the morning (thanks, jetlag!), a very concerned cat peered out at me. Doesn’t it look worried?

A few blocks away I spotted this man out walking, er, and rolling, his dachshunds. Look at that little guy’s wheels! He looks pretty happy, despite the handicap.

Onto bigger things. This is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. It’s really tall, but I can’t remember how many floors. On a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji from the top, but alas, it wasn’t clear enough on the day I went.

The view from the observation windows.

Among all of the knick-knacks at the gift shop on the observation floor was this Michael Jackson poster. I guess they were just trying to cash in, like everyone else.

Finally, the fun and games. As you may well know, Japan is famous for its ridiculous arcade games and prize machines.  Check out the following selection of amusements:

Yep, the taiko drumming game.

The pogo stick jumping game. I wanted to try this one, but I was intimidated by the fact that I wouldn’t have been able to understand the instructions.

Prizes galore! I was on a tight travel budget, so I didn’t give these a go. I don’t think the giant hamster thing would’ve fit in my suitcase even if I’d have won it.

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