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Round and round the neck it goes, where it stops nobody knows

November 12, 2009

Earlier this week when I was making my woven sweater scarf I wanted to find examples of high-fashion cowls to get ideas for how I wanted it to look. But searching for runway images of cowls didn’t get me much either on google or polyvore. I guess that’s because the preferred name for them is “snoods,” according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Will the Scarf Plus Hood Save Christmas?” To me a snood is more like a hat, but you say snood, I say cowl. Whatever. Apparently they’re catching on this fall/winter. Among many other examples, the article cites the American Apparel circle scarf as part of the trend. Hasn’t that circle scarf been around for at least a couple of years? Much as I dislike the advertising, I’ve got to give it to AA for being way ahead on the trends. Last year I made my own version of the AA circle scarf with some jersey fabric sewn in a wide loop. Here’s one:

and here’s another:

An even easier DIY is to find an XL men’s t-shirt without side seams and cut it off below the sleeves. I’ve made this version, too, and it only cost me $3.49 using a t-shirt from Goodwill. I’ve got plans to knit a cowl, too, when I have the time.

Missoni and Burberry are the high-fashion snood-pushers of the season, with offerings like this one from Missoni’s collection:

Images like that and the rest from this Milan Missoni write-up and this link, with more Missoni runway cowl shots, make me want to layer the hell out of everything. If you have similar urges, you can either make your own sewn or knitted version if you’ve got the skills, or buy one, ranging from $28 to $695 for the WSJ’s examples. I particularly like this Burberry Prorsum one, which is actually meant for the lads. Other options abound on, where this gorgeous chunky cable-knit version lives in the Happiknits shop.

Lulu & Loie specializes in scarves and cowls, including this cozy-looking turquoise one that I would love to swaddle myself in right now:

Etsy sellers Urbanknit and Yokoo are also on top of the cowl game. With so many cowl options there’s no excuse for being out of the loop (pun intended). Just maybe be careful not to take it too far and end up like this:

Or this:

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