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Tutorial Tuesday: Paint Drip Key Necklace

November 17, 2009

Jackson Pollack may’ve been the king of dripped paint, but this project was actually inspired by a photo I have saved on my computer, which I thought was from Need Supply Co. Since I can’t find it on their site I’m not sure if it was actually from someplace else or if it’s just sold out. If you have more information please comment and tell me.

I have to admit that this project is so simple that it barely counts as a tutorial, but I think it’s fun and the basic technique has many possibilities. Think of the many different colors of paint and types of objects that you could dip!

Latex paint
A key to dip
Thread or string
Plastic wrap or newspaper
Large can or jar
Pencil or chopstick


(I actually dripped an old lock, too, but I’m just focusing on the key here so just ignore it.)

1. Cover your working surface with something to protect it from paint drips. Newspaper, plastic wrap, etc. would all work. Mix up your paint and open it up.

2. Tie your key or whatever you’re dipping to a piece of string.

3. Dip your object in the paint to the desired level. Remove it and let it drip for awhile. My paint is pretty old and thick so yours might drip a lot more.

4. Hang it someplace to dry. I rigged up a little setup consisting of a Trader Joe’s coffee can with a metal chopstick placed over the rim to hold the string attached to the key.

5. Let it dry for as long as you can. I gave it two days, then I employed a hair dryer to help finish it off, and it probably still could use to dry longer. But then again my paint is super old and thick, so you’ll have to experiment with your drying time.

6. String it on a chain and impress your friends and acquaintances with your craftiness. Tell everyone you made it yourself.


Update P.S. When it’s totally dry, I think I’m going to spray my key with some clear sealant to protect it from scratches.

Looking for more tutorials and DIY projects? Check out my What I Made page!

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