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Holiday shopping to cleanse your aura

December 2, 2009

Other than food and gas, I bought almost nothing this holiday shopping weekend. I know, I know, I’m not doing my part to stimulate the economy. But being in the middle of nowhere didn’t exactly make it easy to participate in the Black Friday shopping frenzy. No crowds or doorbuster deals for me. Not that I’m complaining at all, because I avoid those things in the first place. However, I did manage to snag two awesome pairs of earrings the day before Thanksgiving. There’s a little shop in Tubac, Arizona called the Old Presidio Trading Company that is filled with lovely jewelry, especially of the Southwestern style. If you want turquoise, they’ve got it. If that sounds snarky, it’s not–I actually love turquoise. But that’s not what I bought this time. See, I needed something to help align my energy fields and center my chakras. Or some such nonsense. Actually I don’t even know what a chakra is, I just really like crystals.

The other pair will make their debut at a later date.

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