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December 6, 2009

The cold weather in San Francisco lately has me thinking of ways to stay warm. Now this is going to make all of you people who deal with real cold weather laugh, but I’m talking about temperatures in the 50s or maybe even dipping into the 40s. Anyway, with instructions from Threadbanger I could make a cozy faux fur bomber hat. I tried one on a couple of months ago that had fur on the outside, and it actually looked pretty good so I’m tempted to stitch one up.

I want everything from this surprisingly affordable shop, Spool 72. It’s like a reasonably-priced version of Anthropologie. This feather-print top needs to show up in my closet, please.

Last night I got sucked into a vortex of list sites. You know the kind, with lists of “Top 10 worst product names” and “Tallest people in the world.” I came across this awesome list that I’d actually seen before and forgotten about, weburbanist’s 33-part guide to abandoned places. A lot of them are totally surreal and crazy.

In a quest to get ripped arms, I’m on day two of training to do 100 push-ups. I’ll probably re-do the first two days, though, because they were HARD and I couldn’t even do everything I was supposed to do. The most sore part of me is not my arms or even my shoulders but my abs. So maybe I’ll get ribbed abs, too.

Too bad you won’t be able to see my new ab muscles because they’ll be covered by these chocolate chip cookies. Yuuuuuum. Oh wait, my boyfriend requested no more fatty foods in the apartment.

Isn’t this puff from pickles lovely? I’d love to knit one, but it requires a lot of chunky yarn and I think it would get expensive fast. There are a couple of smaller versions, though, so maybe I could make the Puff Daddy’s Baby, Puff Mama, or Puff Mama’s Baby.

I guess I’ve got the shopping bug, because I want to check out Gravel & Gold, a newish San Francisco shop, in person, I’m lusting after much of the jewelry in Stolen Thunder, and I’d love to pick up a couple of posters from My Little Underground. My favorites are all celestially-themed: “On & On,” “Many Moons,” and “We Are All Part Stardust.” Tis the season to shop, right?

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