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Leopard Print Madness

December 23, 2009
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Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t like leopard print. I considered it either trashy or too grandma for my tastes, until I fell for a secondhand gray leopard-print cashmere sweater. From there it was easy to pick up a pair of gray leopard-print tights at Target, but I still didn’t own anything bearing the classic tan-and-black version of the print. While Christmas shopping on Haight St. a few weeks ago, however, I stumbled across a shop I’d overlooked in my many, many sojourns to the area. Turns out that Nedas Flowers and Gifts has a lot more than just flowers. In addition to tons of beautiful jewelry and gifts (some of it definitely on the macabre side), they’ve got a selection of vintage clothing. I was very tempted by a couple of dresses and a pair of heels, but it was a vintage 1960s faux leopard-print coat that I couldn’t leave without buying. Let’s call it an early Christmas present to myself.

I swear I wasn’t trying to copy Mary-Kate Olsen, but my coat is very similar to the one she wore to the Tim Burton retrospective at the MoMA. I’m also eager to try mine with a belt, a la the fabulous Ms. Glamourai, here.

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