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Christmas Walk Weekend Wear

December 26, 2009

Because of geographical obstacles, my family got together for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, and we saw Steven’s family in the week before the holiday. So we were on our own for Christmas day. We didn’t have any holiday decorations or presents to open, but we got dressed up and wandered around the relatively empty town. San Francisco feels like a bit of a ghost town on major holidays, as most people are either shut up indoors with family or away from the city altogether. On our lonesome ramblings we came across a big bright mural between the Sunset and Haight Street that was just begging to be photographed.

Coat, scarf, and dress are all vintage/thrifted, and I don’t remember where I got the sunglasses, socks, or tights.
Boots: Frye
Gloves: Target
Bag: H&M

Without sunglasses, the sun was getting in poor Steven’s eyes. Still, I think he cleans up quite nicely.

He has a habit of pushing up his glasses just as someone is trying to take his picture. :-)

His coat is from Zara and the pants are from Shepler’s, but everything else is of indeterminate or secondhand origin.

I hope you had a lovely (and stylish) holiday!

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