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Weekend Wear

December 30, 2009

Remember the Free People thrifted dress from this post that I said I had made into a skirt? Well, after picking apart the seams, removing the knit top, and sewing the seams back up, here’s the finished product, worn on a long weekend city walk.

Skirt, sunglasses, and scarf are all thrifted, and I don’t know where I got the socks. I forgot to take off the scarf so you could see my awesome vintage necklace. Oh well, I’ll just have to wear it again.
T-shirt: Nordstrom Rack
Coat: Target
Pink Tights: Target
Boots: One of 2
Watch: Nixon

I turned the camera on my cute blogtographer.

That’s not a cross necklace, by the way, but a video game D-pad. Or, as one friend put it when he saw him wearing it for the first time “At first I thought you’d found Jesus, but then I realized you’d found video games.” Appropriate for a video game designer.
Pants: Sheplers
Coat: Thrifted
T-shirt: This Star Trek t-shirt was giant when I found it, but I resized it to fit him.
Shoes: Don’t know
Sunglasses: Amazing vintage deadstock teak-trimmed, from Harputs Market

Our backdrop, the fair city of San Francisco, featuring Sutro Tower.

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