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Tutorial Tuesday: Elastic Embellished Belt

January 12, 2010

Yep, another project inspired by designer net-a-porter goods that I cannot afford. But really, who doesn’t need a cute stretchy waist belt? No one, that’s who. It’s super easy and pretty quick, too. The Marni belt that inspired me:

1-inch wide elastic, long enough to go around your waist plus a couple of inches
Bias tape or matte ribbon, ~12 inches
Pretty embellishment: A clip-on earring, fancy button, etc.
Snap setting tools
Sewing machine (optional)

1. Measure around your waist and cut a piece of elastic this size, plus 2 or 3 inches. Remember to do the measurement over the type of clothes you’d like to be able to wear the belt with, not your naked self (unless you’re planning on wearing it that way).

2. Add your snaps through one thickness of elastic. Make sure to do this so that you can fold the ends of your elastic and the backside of the snaps won’t show. I used snaps and a snap setter I bought a couple of years ago from The Snap Source (which I recommend), but you can get similar snaps and various setting tools at your local fabric store.

3. Fold the ends of the elastic and sew down with the sewing machine, if you have one, or by hand.

4. Cut a piece of tulle an inch wide and about 12 inches long. Fold it several times to form a piece about 3 inches wide and sew a few stitches by hand in the middle to hold it in place.

*This is the order in which I should have done things. In reality I forgot about the bias tape bit and sewed it onto the back of the elastic after everything else.*

5. Cut a 17 inch piece of the bias tape or ribbon and sew it in a loop. Now arrange that larger loop in 4 loops behind your tulle, hiding the seam on the bias tape behind everything else.

6. Hand sew your bias tape, tulle and embellishment onto the elastic. My clip-on earring (with the clip-on part removed) was fairly easy to sew on because it had lots of holes, but if yours doesn’t you may need to use glue.

Hmm, I need to take a better action shot, but there’s no natural light tonight, so maybe tomorrow.

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  1. June 9, 2010 8:17 pm

    This is so cute! I’m planning to make a similar one really soon. Thanks for the tutorial. Great blog! ~HLT

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