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January 27, 2010
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As promised, here are my styling recommendations for the bow I demonstrated how to make yesterday. I came up with five different ways to wear it. Come right this way, into my living room, and I’ll show you.

1. Standard bow-tie style.
Get yourself a nice button-down, button it up, and pin your bow in place. Predictable, but classic.

2. On a necklace.
I used a string of pearls, but a bow would look nice suspended from a chain, too.

3. On a headband/scarf.
I just pinned the bow onto a coordinating headscarf and tied it around my (unruly) hair. Cute and easy!

4. Offset bow-tie style.

A little bit quirkier than standard bow-tie style.

5. As a hair bow.
For this one I used one of those bendy triangular hairclips (what the hell are those called?) and fastened the pinback around the hairclip.

So there you have it, five ways to style a bow pin. Did I leave out any obvious possibilities? Leave me a comment!

Also, did I mention that I got new glasses recently? I did, and I love them. For some reason they made me suddenly want to wear bright red lipstick. Or maybe it’s not the glasses at all, maybe it’s all of the film noir I’ve been watching lately (which is in black-and-white but you know some of those ladies are sporting crimson lips), but on the way to one such film last week I picked up some 99-cent Wet ‘n’ Wild. Since I don’t normally wear anything on my lips, wearing lipstick feels and looks strange to me. Maybe I need more practice. Any tips or advice?

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  1. January 28, 2010 8:23 pm

    Bow ties in one’s hurrr is a total go!

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