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January 30, 2010

If this picture doesn’t make your heart hurt you’re doing something wrong. Via Cute Overload, of course.

Lusting after this necklace. It’s for such a good cause, too.

OMG, does it mean that I’m totally nerdy because I’m psyched to watch the new PBS version of Emma online? Wait, don’t answer that.

I want to knit this adorable bath mitt, even though I don’t use a bath mitt.

I remember seeing this radio last time I was in the Curiosity Shoppe, but somebody’s blog post just reminded me of how awesome it is.

Whoa, I’d love to have some of these on my fridge. I bet they’re very DIYable with the right tools.

In honor of Tom Selleck’s birthday (actually yesterday), I’m heading out to a mustache party tonight. Got my ‘stache from a plastic ball vending machine in the mission, but it looks like etsy sure could’ve supplied the goods, too. I like this one and this one.

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