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Weekend Wear

February 3, 2010

According to popular wisdom, you’re supposed to get a haircut every 6 weeks, right? Well, the last time I got a real haircut was last June. Why? Mainly because even though I’ve lived in San Francisco for about 4 1/2 years, I still don’t have a hairstylist that I’ve gone to more than once. Back in Portland I followed my friend Eve from beauty school and then from salon to salon, and every time I would go to visit my family I’d make sure to make an appointment with her. But now she’s whole continents away, and rather than deal with paying someone in SF to chop my locks, I’ve been hacking at my hair myself. One of the great things about curly hair is that it’s very forgiving of my terrible technique, but when I straighten it out it’s much more obvious how much I’m in need of a real haircut. The other problem is that I can never decide what I want done with it, so I put off making an appointment somewhere until I’ve made up my mind. Really this is just a long-winded way of explaining why I’ve bobby-pinned the hell out of my hair in these pictures. Also a request for advice: Should I grow it out, or keep it short? And if you know any great (ahem, cheap?) hairstylists in San Francisco, spill the beans!

Skirt: Ralph Lauren, Thrift Town
T-shirt: Target
Tights (and socks over tights): Target
Coat: Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses: Don’t remember
Necklace: Thrifted
Belt: Gap, thrifted
Watch: Nixon

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  1. Steven permalink
    February 4, 2010 12:01 pm

    I love outfit-4.jpg! Also, I think you should try growing your hair out for a little while.

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