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February 10, 2010

Aww, this is a totally adorable Valentine’s Day project from Design Sponge.

I’m really tempted by Built by Wendy Dresses, but I think I have more than enough craft books for now.

Lately there have been a lot of blog posts and articles about “The Latest Spring Fashion Trends!” One of them is supposedly denim-on-denim, as seen here. Sounds like a tough one to pull off without looking like a middle-aged Midwestern mom (nothing wrong with that if that’s what you are). I’m thinking I’ll skip this one, how about you?

After reading this blog post on “The Art of Display,” I went and rearranged some of my artwork and knickknacks, and you know what? It totally works. Give it a try!

When I was writing my “Sewing Revelations” post I wanted to link to this post with more sewing recommendations, but I couldn’t find it. It’s got some really good advice about how to make sure that the things you sew don’t end up languishing in your closet.

I love this lady’s style, both sartorial and decor-wise. She makes me wish my hair was long enough to braid!

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  1. Mark permalink
    February 15, 2010 5:13 am

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