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March 4, 2010

I’m off for a long weekend trip to Portland to visit friends and family, so posting will be light (to non-existent) through Monday. Why is it that whenever I leave town it seems like there is a bunch of cool stuff happening? There are several events this weekend that sound like fun, so if you’re in the Bay Area, you should go for me.

First up is a Wunderkammer crochet workshop at the Curiosity Shoppe on Saturday. I met Jessica Polka at the previous workshop she taught at the shop, and she was super nice and helpful. This sounds stalker-y of me, but I’m pretty sure that she’s a graduate student at my school, because I saw a poster for a talk she was giving and how many women are there with that name in the area?

If you didn’t get an invite to my exclusive swap party last weekend, you still have a chance to swap your old clothes with fashionable types at the Trunk and Swap Party at Etiquette Lounge on Friday.

Tonight Etsy labs is having a Craft Bar at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, so if you’re into eating homemade baked goods and learning how to crochet with plastic bags, now’s your chance.

Someone beat me to making an Anthropologie necklace knock-off. That’s fine with me, though–now I can just follow this tutorial.

This post made me laugh.

I want to knit these slippers. Aren’t they adorable?

50 Steps to Simple Happiness. A lot of them are New York-centric, but plenty aren’t. There seem to be a lot of recommendations for exercise and massage. I’ve actually never had a professional massage. Have you? What’s the best kind?

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