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Jaw-droppingly good

March 19, 2010

Recently Bona Drag sent me an e-mail informing me of new merchandise, and since I was taking a break from what I should have been doing (i.e. procrastinating), I clicked the link. The dresses that they’re carrying from Mara Hoffman totally blew me away. They’re colorful, graphic, and tribal without veering too far into costume territory. I think the “silk crystal mini” might be my favorite.

But I love the back of the “silk rainbow mini.”

And the “coral beaded dress” is pretty gorgeous, as well.

This hot pink and taupe drapey shoulder-less dress isn’t sold by Bona Drag, but I found it on Mara Hoffman’s website. In addition to being beautiful, somehow it looks really comfortable, as well. Maybe it’s because the draping looks like it would be really forgiving, so you could pig out at brunch and no one would see your food belly.

Stunning, right? You can see more of her collections here, and check out her blog.

P.S. Somehow I think that the global music of Meklit Hadero is the perfect backdrop for perusing Mara Hoffman’s dresses and blog. Click the link to listen to her music on her website.

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