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March 26, 2010

This “bearskin” rug made from a recycled wool blanket is amazing. From artist Lise Lefebvre, via Etsy Storque.

Isn’t this terrarium in a lightbulb lovely? Despite the fact that every terrarium I’ve ever had has died, I’m determined to make one the next time I have to replace a burned out lightbulb. I’ve got my eye on a nice big round one on the bathroom vanity.

Craving some tights like these ones from Anthropologie, with flowers on a black background. I’m currently trying not to spend money, though. Easier said than done with so many temptations.

Photo from Dessert First

If the weather’s warm enough in your neck of the woods, I recommend these lemon yogurt raspberry popsicles. The recipe says to use an ice cream maker, but I don’t have one so I skipped that part and they still came out creamy and delicious!

Photo from Rosy ~ Posy.

Aren’t these little egglings cute? I don’t even know when exactly Easter is, but I might have to grow some grass for my cats. One of them loves to graze like a cow. She loves to try to eat plants and she’ll even go after plain lettuce when I’m trying to make a salad. What a weirdo.

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