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April 5, 2010

Our Easter wasn’t very Easter-y, except for the very end. We didn’t dye eggs or even get any candy (aside from the Starburst jellybeans that I finished before Easter, oops). It was rainy so going out didn’t seem like much fun, and we didn’t venture anywhere until we went to an Easter/Alice in Wonderland themed warehouse party in the evening. The invitation said to dress up, so we did. Originally I was going to wear bunny ears that I made instead of doing my taxes, but we realized that it would make much more sense for Steven to dress all in white and wear the ears, accessorized with his pocket watch.

When I was a kid Easter always involved a frilly pastel dress (and maybe even a bonnet), but I haven’t worn one for the holiday in years. So it was rather fun to don this vintage lace dress from the back of my closet, even though it didn’t really have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland. I think I might have to find more opportunities to wear it this spring, though.

Hope you had a nice Easter, complete with frilly dresses and chocolate eggs (or whatever floats your boat)!

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