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Oceans and Trees

April 16, 2010

For the last few days we’ve been hosting an out-of-town friend, which means we’ve had an excuse to do touristy things that we’ve been wanting to do for ages. Things such as visit the Sutro Baths. Built in 1896, in their heyday the baths had 7 different pools, a concert hall, a museum, and even an ice skating rink. Financial inviability led to the closure of the baths and in 1966 a fire completed the planned demolition. Today the baths are nothing but rocky ruins, and visitors are greeted by strongly-worded warnings of danger. That didn’t stop us from ignoring trail closures and clambering around on wet rocks, however.

This is what the baths looked like from close to the same angle as my picture above:

Postcard from here.

The Pacific Ocean did its best to sweep us out to sea, but we stayed out of its reach.

The next day we took a drive to Muir Woods, where we hiked amongst the redwoods.

Then it was back to the city for ice cream and a trip to Nightlife at the California Academy of Science, where we saw Extreme Mammals, including a live cheetah, lynx, and cerval. Did you know that if you go within a week of your birthday you get free admission? True story. It didn’t help me but Steven’s birthday is Earth Day (April 22), so he got in free.

Tomorrow we’re headed to the Santa Cruz boardwalk for more entertaining. Hope you have a great weekend planned!

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