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Welcome back, friend

May 24, 2010

The shirt I’m wearing below is a couple of DIY projects in one. I bought it with a small stain, thinking that it would be easy to remove. It was not, so onto plan B, which was to randomly splash it with bleach to give it a blotchy look and remove the stain in the process. The joke was on me, though, when the stain didn’t bleach out and in fact was only more noticeable on a lighter background. Instead of discarding it, I used an iron-on motif (from a giant book of iron-on embroidery patterns that I have), and added a little embroidered triangle to cover up the stain. I like how it turned out–almost like I planned it this way.

This turquoise ring is from a little jewelry shop near my grandmother’s house in Arizona. She lives down near the border with Mexico, and her backyard is literally next door to national park lands. The closest town to her is Tubac, which is a little village filled with art galleries and shops, one of which is a treasure trove of silver jewelry. I bought this ring there back in high school, and for years I wore it every single day until the thin silver band broke. Recently I found it in my jewelry box and got it fixed at a nearby jewelry shop, and it’s so nice to have it back. It’s like reuniting with an old friend.

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