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June 17, 2010

Since my last sewing project was a big one, I think the next one will be something simple, like this 1-hour dress. Looks perfect for summer, doesn’t it?

Although I’m on a self-imposed shopping hiatus due to my unemployed status, if I was in a buying mode I’d be sorely tempted by the Toms wedges. So cute, and everybody knows Toms are a guilt-free purchase due to their mission to give shoes to kids who can’t afford them.

Somebody linked to this flaming hot Madewell bag, and I love crossbody bags because they stay put and require no hands. Anyway, that lead to me browsing the website and finding out that they collaborated on a line of bathing suits with Mara Hoffman. Surely you have the need for a hot geometric-print bikini for your pool parties.

Isn’t this Modern Spectrum Mobile gorgeous? Follow the link for a tutorial to make your very own. Via ReadyMade.

Steven sent me a link to this illustrated blog called “stuff no one told me,” and although it’s only got 17 posts so far, it’s off to a great start.

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