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October 29, 2010

Just a few more days until Halloween, and everyone’s putting the finishing touches on costumes for the early parties. My costume is done, but I had the important task of carving my pumpkin to tackle. Some people think that carving pumpkins is too messy, or just for children. I am not one of those people. You’re never too old to carve pumpkins! But I’m not one to settle for a boring pumpkin, oh no, mine is a bit more involved. First, I needed to find my inspiration.

I looked around my apartment and saw this poster, which is from the video game Steven worked on. He’s got it framed and hanging above his desk.

(The goddess Minerva is associated with the owl in Roman mythology.)

I realized that there is plenty of other owl imagery in the apartment, both on the walls and in my jewelry drawer. First we have this fine specimen, sourced from a thrift store somewhere. He hangs on the living room wall.

These guys are in the bedroom. The one on the right is from a flea market, and if you hang something on the hook on the bottom he spreads his wings. The other one is a thrifted embroidery kit, which I did myself.

I’m not sure what this is exactly. Given the holes on the top, maybe you’re supposed to put potpourri in it? I just keep it on my dresser to look at because it’s cute.

Now on to the jewelry. This pin belonged to my Great Aunt Marie, who loved to buy jewelry but also loved to give it away when we came to visit her. I think that she was lonely and wanted to encourage more visitors. Most of my jewelry lacks real gemstones, but I was told that those rubies and sapphires are actually genuine, so I’m afraid to wear it for fear I’ll lose it.

The necklace on the left actually belongs to Steven, but I wear it sometimes, too. The pin is another thrift find.

After gazing at my inspiration I made a concept sketch.

Now onto the victims. Ignore the photobomber.

The aftermath:

The outcome:

I think it turned out pretty well, and I’m excited to light it up and put it out on the stoop on Halloween!

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  1. November 12, 2010 6:23 pm

    cute! So, how long have you known you’ve had an obsession with owls? ^_^

    P.S. That reminds me! Maybe you’ll love this book I was reading on the floor of S.F. Anthropologie the other day (I express my individualism by doing socially unacceptable things like read books on their floor and buy nothing). The story is so about a little owl who just wants to go to sleep early like all of his friends but his parents won’t let him. Incredibly illustrated! Love love.


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