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November 10, 2010

Sorry for my absence from the blog for the last couple of days! I’ve been traveling and preoccupied with some big changes that are afoot. Next week I can talk about it more.

Anyway, while we were gone, some lovely girls from New Zealand stayed in our apartment. Sarah and Devon are both artists, and they were visiting San Francisco partly for Sarah’s art opening at the shop Rare Device. Strangely enough I realized that I recently added one of Sarah’s prints to my favorites on Etsy. Sometimes the world is a small place! Sarah and Devon are on a big trip in the US and were couchsurfing with our friend Whitney when the next place they were supposed to stay fell through. It occurred to us that since we were leaving for the weekend they could stay in our apartment if they wouldn’t mind looking after our cats while we were gone. When we returned yesterday we found they’d left us some goodies, including this adorable portrait of our cats by Devon.

I’m pretty sure this density of cuteness is going to cause some type of cute black hole, possibly destroying the universe as we know it. Before that happens, though, you should go visit the pretty artwork for sale by these two talented artists. Sarah’s shop is here, and Devon’s is here.

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