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November 14, 2010

Last week I vaguely hinted at big news, and now I can finally say it: we are moving from San Francisco to Boston. We’ve known about this move for about a month and a half, but because people actually pay attention to what Steven does, for PR reasons I couldn’t say anything about our move until his last day of work. So this past weekend we went to Boston to find an apartment (which we did, in Porter Square, Cambridge), and we’ll be leaving on a cross-country drive with our two cats on November 23. Both the drive (and the move) will be an adventure, given that I’ve never lived anywhere but the West Coast. I’ve never lived anywhere that gets significant amounts of snow in the winter, or so far from my family. To me the East Coast has always seemed like some crowded, foreign land, filled with uptight people who have funny accents. Of course I know that this is entirely inaccurate and unfair–I’ve already met plenty of nice people in Boston, some of whom don’t even have accents.

Right now we are in major purging and packing mode, so posting will be lighter than usual. Especially as I pack up my tools and supplies, craft projects are going to be on the back burner, unfortunately. But stick with me–I hope to be able to post awesome road trip photos as we make our way from San Francisco to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and across the Midwest to our new home.

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