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City Lights

November 18, 2010

I finally got my act together enough to take outfit photos. Lately it’s been one thing after another–either I wear something cute, but don’t have time to take photos, or I am just in something grungy all day, or I do what I did yesterday and ruin the tights I’m wearing by running into a box. Blarg. If anyone ever tries to tell you packing is fun, don’t believe them.

Today I wanted to take photos in front of a neighborhood mural, but my poor photographer was sick in bed, so instead I took photos of the mural itself and went to the drugstore to buy him sinus medication. At least he rallied enough to take pictures on the rooftop right as the lights were starting to come on in the city.

Skirt, shoes and top, all thrifted.
Jacket: H&M
Watch: Nixon

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  1. November 19, 2010 12:32 pm

    I always enjoy looking at your outfits!!! You have such a cute way of putting things together, and I’m always amazed at how you find such cute things at thrift shops! You definitely have a good eye for treasures :)

    For this, I would like to share an award with you that was recently given to me. You can find it on my recent post!

    I hope you enjoy it!


  2. November 22, 2010 11:30 pm

    I love that jacket, its so perfectly balanced (cute/tough).

    I haven’t commented in a reeeally long time! Never got the chance to say how happy I was you made the cork-board deer. I attempted a couple different shapes but they ended in mostly disaster. I needed a much newer/better Xacto than I had.

    I’m sorry for not being an active commenter these past months (been a reader though!), good ole life whirlwind swept me off.
    ‘Course looks like you’ve had a lot on your plate lately too. Congrats on the engagement and the impending move to Boston!

    I absolutely love Boston, lived there for a bit under a year. It might be a bit less artsy and fashionable than San Francisco was (unless you’re on Newbury Street, then half the pedestrians are wearing cute shoes) but I’m sure you two will love it.

    My suggestion for you is to check out ‘The Garment District’. Which is actually not a district and really just a large second hand/vintage/halloween store. It’s in Kendall/MIT, so you’d have to go out to Cambridge, but its pretty amazing. They’re mostly infamous for a part of the store that is a gigaaantic pile of clothes (of various quality) that are 1.50$ per lbs of clothes.

    For geeky/pop culture/music things there’s also a couple locations of Newbury Comics that are worth stopping in. I think there’s one in Quincy, which is where Irrational is I think?

    Anyhow, hope the drive goes well and the cats adjust well to being in a new place. :P

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