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iPad Case

February 24, 2011

Recently Steven bought himself an iPad, which I am actually using right now to write this post. He has mostly been using it only at home, but I decided that it needed something to protect it from scratches in case he did decide to take it someplace. And also to protect it from our cats. See, we foolishly downloaded a cat toy app, and one of our cats now thinks that she should try to bite the edge of the iPad to get to the creatures beneath it. I don’t think she could actually harm it, but better safe than sorry.

I wanted something masculine, so I searched my fabric stash for some tweed. This blazer, which I thrifted for $1, caught my eye. While I felt a little bit bad about chopping it up, at least it’s repurposed into something useful. The leather tab is a furniture sample piece from SCRAP, and I used some velcro to fasten it and interfacing to stiffen it up. It’s even lined with the lining from the blazer. So far no scratches or bite marks, so it’s doing its job.

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