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May 28, 2011

Everyone knows that soft vintage t-shirts are one of the most comfortable items of clothing you can wear. Plus, with their faded and aged graphics, they look way cooler than a brand-new shirt. There is tons of advice on the internet on how to age a t-shirt, but this site meticulously tested several methods and shares the results.

I’ve started a new blog where I post essays about interesting things I come across on the internet. I just got the urge to write more than I do here, so rather than bore the people who come here for pictures and craft projects, I decided a new blog was in order. There’s not much there yet, but please visit Things That You Should Know and tell me what you think!

This is a great tutorial for turning regular leggings into bandage-style leggings.

Need more DIY projects to keep you busy this long weekend? Here’s a tutorial for a copy of a cute Anthropologie necklace.

This site has a bunch of pretty fonts, and the best part is that they’re pay-what-you-want.

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend so far!

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