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Friday Favorites

July 22, 2011

You’ve got to love My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. Old photographs of hot men? Sign me up.

We got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift, plus the weather has been super hot here lately, so I had to try it out by making mint chocolate chip ice cream. This recipe uses real mint, and it tastes much more “herbal” than ice cream made with mint extract. Trust me, it’s amazingly delicious.

I just bought Terrarium Craft, which is really beautifully photographed and seems very informative and inspiring. It makes me want to make a million terrariums (but I’d probably have no room for more than one, leaving me 999,999 to give away). You can see a excerpted project from the book here.

This updo is so cute (and so clearly explained!) that I want to try it. Sadly I think my hair is probably still too short. Grow hair, damn you!

Need a weekend project? This skirt is adorable, and doesn’t look too difficult to make by following the tutorial.

I don’t really know what I’d use it for, but I love this DIY glitter tape. Any ideas?

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be working on some DIY projects, how about you?

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