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DIY Gift Guide: For the Techie

November 25, 2011

Since the holidays are fast-approaching, I thought I’d do a gift guide series. But instead of rounding up items to purchase, I decided to compile lists of relatively easy things to make for the various types of people in your life. Got any requests? Leave me a comment!

You know the type–they always have the very latest fancy gadget, whether it’s a slick phone, expensive camera, or i-anything. Naturally they need accessories for their technology, which is where you come in. Make the techie in your life a case, cozy, or clutch to keep their precious gadgets safe and stylish. It seems especially appropriate to post this on the day after Thanksgiving, when stores are trying to entice shoppers out to spend cash. If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s a perfect day to stay in and DIY!

1. Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer
2. Cross-stitch iPhone Case
3. iPad Clutch
4. Zip-up Earbuds
5. Camera Strap Cover with Lens Cap Pocket
6. Leather Envelope Phone Case
7. Electronics Sleeve
8. Touchscreen Gloves
9. Camera Bag Purse
10. Wool Camera Wrap

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